Emergency Shelter

Preventing people that are going through difficult times from living on the street. Perhaps some rest and encouragement can change everything.

The Emergency Shelter Mission Statement:

We exist to help our shelter guests take their next step toward a more whole and independent lifestyle. We seek to do so by providing those in our shelter with relationships and resources so they may be gainfully employed and plan to exit the shelter into stable housing situation.

The shelter is located at 320 W. Oakland Avenue. It opens at 6:00 PM and closes at 7:00 AM the following morning. New shelter guests can enter before 9:30 PM without a police escort, or must obtain a police escort if after that time. All shelter guests receive a meal at 7:00 PM and have access to amenities such as laundry washing and drying machines and showers.

The Emergency Shelter is a temporary shelter seeking to minimize the physical and spiritual impact of brokenness and homelessness by providing rest and nourishment. The Emergency Shelter minimizes the physical impact of homelessness by providing rest and nourishment.

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